Dolly Varden
The client’s goal was to create a user friendly site that allowed the consumer to shop yet be inspired to seek adventure after purchase. Dolly Varden’s brand values are focused on quality, american made product and style. I took this into consideration when designing the layout. I didn't want to distract from the product and brand voice so I kept it clean. I used a lot of lifestyle images that shared their story.
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The project was to rethink the current approach to Hollywood fitness brand and customer memberships. Aside from being a fitness center they have strong community values and wanted this to be the theme behind the layout.
Equip Highschool
A high school youth group wanted a new logo that matched the personality and style of the kids who are very passionate, wild and crazy. I designed a word mark that would work outside of a church setting. I wanted to give the kids a brand that they would be proud to represent among their peers.
I was inspired by relevant imagery and color to provoke the personality of the youth group. I wanted to chose a vibrant, electric and loud blue that represented this age group.
Living Opportunities
Living Opportunities is a non-profit organization that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work and play in the community. The goal of the website was to share their story and provide information for those who are interested in the program. They wanted to make the art studio a bigger part of the website as the one before lacked this content. I chose to highlight real art examples to display on the site as well as the artist’s photos to make it personal.
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Tune Up
I created a brand for an event that was targeted towards men in the church. The client had already come up with a name, which was “Tune up.” I chose to create the brand to reflect a cafe motorcycle which relates to the title and theme of the event. The audience consisted of a wide spread age group and backgrounds so I kept it very classic and relatable. This event was designed to foster friendship and bring hope to men who need encouragement.
Don't buy the tie 2013
The goal of this site was to create an informational platform to fundraise for the Mentoring Project. The campaign, “Don’t buy the tie” was a short time frame so getting the public involved was necessary. This inspired me to utilize social media and create a hashtag, #dontbuythetie. We utilized a video to help draw the audience in and create a buzz. The site had to be user friendly and simple so people could donate easily.
Music Millennium
This project was a logo/site redesign for a local music shop. The shop isn’t your typical corporate franchise but rather holds to the history of music and supports live performances. The layout was to highlight new music and local shows.
I love to make things that are useful and usable. I’ve had the privilege to work on awesome projects that cover different spectrums of design from digital, branding and print. Currently working as Lead Designer at Snapshot